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Turn-N-Burn Weighted Ball Bearing Speed Ropes

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Weighted handles in these jump ropes improve forearm and grip strength and stamina

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  • 1/2 lb removable weights can be inserted into handles for more advanced jump rope training, or taken out for traditional modes.
  • Sealed ball bearing joints enable frictionless revolutions for increased speed and effortless handling.
  • 1/4" dia PVC cord offers the perfect combination of speed and durability.
  • 6"L handle bows in the middle for better control.

Two training ropes in one. Unweighted, ropes perform optimally for standard jump rope exercises. Durable PVC offers enough heft to help maintain momentum, enabling athletes to perform high-rpm rope movements like double-unders and crossovers. Ball bearing joints spin smoothly and contribute to high speed revolutions, necessary for more complex and more intense exercises. Ideal for jump rope training that specifically improves footwork and aerobic capacity.

Forearms and shoulders begin to fatigue quickly with the weighted rope, leading to increased strength and stamina over time. Weight jump ropes Improve athletes' anaerobic capacity and allow users to tax multiple energy systems across varied rope-specific training routines.

The only scalable jump rope. Scalable weight means users can begin training with the rope weighted to tax the anaerobic energy system. When forearms and shoulders fatigue and heart rate becomes elevated, athletes can remove the weights to continue training at a lower intensity. The result is more work being performed in less time, with optimized results. Beginners can use the rope unweighted, as is; advanced users can add weight for more intense training sessions. No other rope allows for multiple levels of training intensity.

Turn-N-Burn Weighted Ball-Bearing Speed Ropes also accommodate multiple trainees on the same piece of equipment.

UltraFit Turn-N-Burn Speed Ropes are available in 3 color-coded lengths.

  • 8'L, Orange
  • 9'L, Blue
  • 10'L, Black