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MaxSpin Speed Ropes with Ball-Bearing Handles

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High-quality PVC ropes with sealed ball-bearing handles for longevity and speed!

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  • Solid, 1/4" PVC cord provides excellent speed.
  • 5½"L wide-grip handle with tapered base offers excellent control.
  • Ball-bearing joints enable frictionless revolutions for effortless handling.
  • Available with a durable plastic or tacky-gripped handle.

Perfectly crafted handles for better jump rope speed. Larger handle design is less taxing on forearms than smaller handles, requiring less effort to spin the rope when performing high-speed jump rope exercises. Tapered base is contoured to provide an ideal platform for the fingertips to transfer force into the rope and more easily maintain momentum during rotations.

Durable plastic handles are great for commercial environments with a wide user base and are easy to clean. Tacky grip material ensures optimal handling during rigorous rope training and prevents slipping from sweat or forearm fatigue. The feel is similar to that of a tennis racket, without the width.

Exceptional PVC rope durability. Heavier 1/4" PVC cord withstands consistent, high-speed slapping on the ground. Where cotton or poly ropes may fray or shred over time, PVC fast jump ropes retain integrity for better longevity and a higher degree of performance. Reinforced handles won’t crack or chip when dropped or stepped on.