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MagneTurn Speed Ropes

Starting at $15.95

Easy-to-store cable speed rope packs with a revolutionary magnetized design.

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  • Cable speed ropes mount to steel storage rack using high-power magnets embedded in handles.
  • Coated-cable speed ropes are durable and won't easily kink, crimp, or tangle.
  • Moderately-weighted steel cable enables better momentum during advanced jump rope exercises. Ball-bearing joints create effortless revolutions.
  • 6"L tapered handle design offers better leverage for easier spins.

Better organization and jump rope longevity. Instead of subjecting cable speed ropes to racking that may potentially cause crimping or tangling, magnetized handles enable ropes to hang beautifully from a steel storage rack. Free-hanging ropes aren’t subject to developing a kink at the apex of hanging and won’t become intertwined with other ropes, creating potential knots. Hanging via handles helps ropes retain their natural shape over time for better longevity.

Color-coded storage coordinates with rope handle colors for easy selection and storage. Ropes are precut to specific lengths to accommodate different size users, in sizes ideal for group training or commercial use.

Better jump rope performance. Coated cable speed rope delivers better performance for intermediate and advanced users. Athletes can perform seamless double-unders, crossovers, and other high-rpm movements much more easily and with better fluidity.

Ball-bearing joint is ideally fitted to stay in place and provide smooth revolutions. Durable molded handle won't break when dropped, stepped-on, or throughout the course of routine abuse in gyms and training facilities.

MagneTurn Speed Ropes are available in a Complete Pack with a storage rack or Individually in 5 lengths.

  • Complete Pack
    • Includes 24 ropes (4 ea 6’L, 10’L; 5 ea 7’L, 9’L; 6 ea 8’L) and a MagneTurn Storage Rack.
  • Individual Ropes
    • 6’L, Red
    • 7’L, Orange
    • 8’L, Yellow
    • 9’L, Green
    • 10’L, Blue