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GripTurn Speedrope

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Our feature-rich cable speed jump rope is optimally designed for high-intensity rope training.

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  • Specially-molded handle provides two types of tacky surfaces for enhanced grip and handling.
  • Available in a short 4¾"L straight handle or a 6"L tapered handle.
  • 10'L coated-cable rope can be cut to length to a wide range of desired lengths.
  • Ball-bearing joints enable frictionless revolutions for effortless handling.

The perfect grip for advanced rope work. All-molded handle is coated with tacky TPR for a textured grip that enables complete control during intense cable speed rope training sessions. Two handle configurations offer a preference for enhanced comfort:

  • Short, straight-handled rope provides a grip that rests in the palm. Shorter handle keeps the rope-to-handle joint just on the outside of the hand during use. The result is greater control over the handle, with slightly greater force necessary to manipulate the rope.
  • Longer, tapered-handle ropes provide a longer lever-arm, as the rope joint sits further outside of the palm. This makes controlling the rope slightly more difficult, but users don't have to produce as much force to generate revolutions.

Durable Construction for high-level training. Coated-cable rope won't kink, crimp, or fray as easily as exposed cable ropes. Ball-bearing joints are ideally fitted to stay in place, ensuring they provide smooth, consistent revolutions. Molded handle with embedded joint won't break when stepped on or dropped.

Sport tip: measuring and cutting. Easily trim cable jump ropes to an ideal length with a Philips screwdriver and wire cutters. First, loosen the screw securing the rope to the bearing. Then, snip off excess rope with wire cutters. To ensure best fit, have the athlete stand on the rope with both feet together and pull handles directly up to their armpits. Rope handles should reach the armpits and can be adjusted longer or shorter based on preference.

Sport tip: properly storing jump ropes. Whenever possible, ropes should be hung by handles in storage. Hanging ropes from cables may create a crimp at the apex of the hanging point, creating imbalance. Unnecessary coiling of ropes may also incite kinks that lower the longevity of equipment.

GripTurn Speed Ropes are available with 2 handles.

  • Short Handle, 4¾"L
  • Long Handle, 6"L