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EZ Turn Speed Ropes

Starting at $25.95

The best PVC jump rope on the market.

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  • 1/2" dia PVC rope is incredibly durable and made for routine use.
  • 5½"L grooved, one-piece handles fit comfortably in hand.
  • Plastic ball-bearings enable frictionless revolutions for effortless handling.
  • Lightweight material and design makes ropes easy to use.
  • Available in packs of 6 ropes, in 5 sizes (6-10'L and in 16'L for double-dutch).

Excellent performance in an entry-level rope. Grooved handles create an excellent grip for users, even when workouts are intense and give way to a sweaty, fatigued grip. Handles won't become slick, ensuring total control at all times.

Other ropes of comparable price and material feature an inferior joint between the rope and handle, which creates friction and poor spins. Plastic ball-bearings in the handles of these beginner-best jump ropes spin smoothly, eliminating friction resistance that results in lost energy. All-PVC rope material and innovative handle design are extremely tough, able to withstand abuse from gym training.

Ideal for beginners and group training. 1/4" dia rope is light and offers excellent spin for a PVC jump rope, making it great for beginners to learn with. Ropes come in packs of 6 containing each available length, making them supremely convenient for group training. Lightweight, easy-to-spin design helps new users learn jump rope training basics better. Single-unders, double-unders, single-leg jumps, and other jump rope exercises are more easily learned and mastered, thanks to EZ Turn handle and rope design.

Ropes are color-coordinated for easy length identification and organization. 8'L ropes will fit most users; however larger and smaller outliers are available. Others sizes are useful to have for taller and shorter athletes. 16’L ropes are perfect for partner jumping.

EZ Turn Speed Ropes are available in sets of 6. Rack Pack includes 30 jump ropes and storage.

  • Sets of 6
    • 6'L, Red
    • 7'L, Orange
    • 8'L, Yellow
    • 9'L, Green
    • 10'L, Blue
    • 16'L, Purple
  • Rope Pack
    • Includes 20 ropes (1 set of each color) and a MeasureUp Jump Rope Rack.