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ErgoTurn Jump Rope


Professional cable speed rope with a customized handle that contours the hand for comfort and speed.

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  • Specially molded 5½"L handle conforms naturally in the hand for optimal rope control during a variety of challenging rope exercises.
  • 10'L coated cable speed rope is more durable than comparable plastic cabled ropes.
  • Coated cable provides additional mass that helps maintain momentum for high-rpm rope work.
  • Ball-bearing joints provide an incredibly fluid spin for speed.
  • Rope can be cut to length to ensure proper fit.

Comfortable grip for better control. Special molded handle is textured and formed to perfectly fit an athlete's hand, for enhanced handling and palm feel. It takes the natural hand position characteristic of traditional rope handles and creates a comfortable grip that's secure even during intense rope training. Smaller ropes can easily slip out of hands when stepped on during exercise, or when sweat accumulates.

Faster revolutions for advanced jump rope conditioning routines. Extra weight in the rope itself gives athletes more control during even the most intense jump rope training. Less force is required to create consistent spin, and more complicated moves like double- and triple-unders are more smoothly executed. Rope heft is proportionate to durability, making cable speed ropes better resistant to shredding or kinking that plastic or woven models may succumb to.

Smoother spinning rope motion is possible thanks to ball-bearings within handles. 90-degree joint allows users to keep hands in place while jumping, for better form and less wasted energy when spinning the rope. Friction between the handle and rope often hampers exercises in workouts with traditional ropes.

Sport tip: measuring and cutting. Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the screw connecting the rope to the handle bearing. Then, with a sharp wire cutter, cut rope to desired length based on athlete height. Proper rope measuring deems that an athlete stand on the rope with feet together and pull handles up to their armpits for an ideal length. More advanced jumpers may require more or less slack depending on their preference during rope exercises.

Sport tip: properly storing jump ropes. Ropes should always be stored by handles. Hanging ropes from cables strains the material, eventually causing kinks to form. Coiling ropes can also crimp them, making it hard to achieve proper balance when jumping. Ropes hung by handles will hang freely, with the rope material unimpeded.