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Cable Speed Ropes


Cable speed ropes are great for double-unders and other advanced rope exercises!

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  • Two different handle options available:
    • Plastic Handle with impact-resistant polymer handle and composite bearing for a quality, economical jump rope.
    • Elite Surge Speed Rope with premium ball-bearings for smoother spin and speed. Anodized aluminum handle offers a sleek finish and coated grip ensures users hand won't slip during rigorous jumping routines.
  • Both ropes are 12'L and can be trimmed to fit athletes of all sizes.
  • Heavier, coated-cable rope for greater control.
  • 90-degree revolving handle joint enables high-speed revolutions and comfortable handling.
  • Shorter handle design fits into the middle of palm.

Faster revolutions for advanced jump rope conditioning routines. Cable jump ropes offer more heft, affording users greater control while handling and decreasing the amount of force necessary to maintain momentum. Heft makes double- and triple-unders, and other difficult rope exercises easier to master. Cables are much more durable than plastic or woven ropes, which can easily shred or kink when stepped on or stored incorrectly.

Ball-bearings in cable speed ropes offer a smoother spin for high-rpms and better performance. 90-degree joint allows users to keep hands in place while rope easily circumvents the handle. Energy and momentum are never wasted. Straight-jointed ropes tend to lose momentum easily from undue friction between handle and rope.

Speed Rope vs. Elite Speed Rope. The Speed Rope features an impact resistant polymer plastic handle that is lighter and helps beginning athletes get the hang of intermediate and advanced jump rope exercises. It also has a smooth polymer 'bearing' for smooth rotations. The Elite Speed Rope features anodized aluminum handles, offering greater weight for better control and overall greater longevity. Anodized handles are also corrosion-resistant, ensuring rope quality and longevity, while reducing friction between handles and handle bearings. The 2 metal bearings offer great handle balance and faster, smoother turns. Both ropes come with a nylon coated 10'L cable that can be shortened.

Sport Tip: Measuring and Cutting. Trimming cable jump ropes is easily performed with a Philips screwdriver. Loosen the screw attaching the rope to the bearing and use a sharp wire cutter to cut rope to desired length. Proper rope fitting starts with the athlete standing on the rope with both feet together, and pulling the handles directly up their sides. The rope handles should reach the users' armpits and be adjusted from there based on preference.

Sport Tip: Properly Storing Jump Ropes. If possible, ropes should be stored by their handles, as hanging ropes from their cables can cause kinks to develop over time. Avoid unnecessary coiling of ropes as well, since this can also cause them to take on permanent curvature that makes performing jump rope exercises difficult.

Cable Speed Ropes are available in 2 handle options. Handle colors may vary.

  • Cable Speed Rope
  • Elite Speed Rope