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Buy jump ropes from Gopher Performance to elevate heart rates and aerobic fitness!

Great for dynamic cardio routines and cross-training movements like double-unders, jump ropes at Gopher Performance are durable and lightweight for the most efficient workouts. We offer jump ropes in a wide variety of materials to suit the needs of any athlete at any skill level.

Which rope is right for my athletes?

  • PVC: Durable, lightweight, and easy to turn at high speeds. Preferred by speed jumpers but suitable for all skill levels.
  • Coated Cable: Coating provides durability, so cables won’t kink, crimp, or fray.
  • Cable. Our best value for group conditioning routines and institutional use.
  • Segmented Plastic: Protected by plastic segments, this rope offers high durability and carries enough weight for slower revolutions. The sound made as it hits the floor helps athletes maintain rhythm. Great for group training.

Convenient Jump rope storage racks keep ropes elevated and organized when not in use, preserving their longevity. Hang cable ropes by the handles to prevent kinks and loss of form.

Buy jump ropes from Gopher Performance!