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Impact Sandbags

Impact Sandbags

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AlterForce Sandbags
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Impact FullStrong Strongman Bags
FullStrong Strongman Bags
DuraGrip Sand Weight Discs


Impact DuraGrip Sand Weight Discs

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Build strength and stability when you buy fitness sandbags from Gopher Performance!

Sandbags are unique training implements with constantly shifting centers of mass, requiring users to stabilize them during lifts. Coaches and trainers can buy sandbags from Gopher Performance to build strength and stability in their athletes with one challenging and effective training tool.

Pre-filled, fixed-weight sandbags eliminate setup so athletes can start training right out of the box, while bags with multiple handles give athletes a better grip on a wide range of movements. Injured or recovering athletes will reach for versatile Bulgarian sandbags that pad the back and neck during use. Smaller sand discs allow for no-nonsense training anywhere without damaging floors or equipment.

Buy sandbags from Gopher Performance to train strong, well-conditioned athletes and players!