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GripFit Workout Mats
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EcoFit Yoga Mats
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UltraFit Workout Mats
MaxFitPro Workout Mats
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Buy exercise mats from Gopher Performance to foster comfort and safety during rigorous activity!

Workout mats from Gopher Performance protect athletes from hard or rough surfaces to prevent injury during bodyweight and conditioning exercises. Whether planking in pursuit of core strength or stretching after a difficult workout, grippy mats provide a stable and protective surface.

Mats are available in several varieties, allowing coaches and trainers to choose the best material and thickness for athletes and players of any skill level. Closed-cell foam holds up to vigorous workouts. Vinyl coated mats have maximum toughness and include handles for easy transportation. When practice is over, store mats on one of our convenient storage solutions.

Purchase exercise mats from Gopher Performance!