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UltraFit Pro Stability Balls

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Our strongest stability balls!

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  • Premium construction is burst-resistant up to 1000 lb, but supports up to 2200 lb statically.
  • Thick, firm walls help stability balls retain their shape when inflated to a wide range of different levels. Inflate for instability; deflate for stability.
  • Burst-resistant design means balls deflate slowly when punctured, rather than burst instantly.
  • Available in sizes 55 cm to 75 cm to suit a variety of users, in Classic and Club colors.

The best support from a stability ball. Supporting 2200 lb of static weight, these stability balls are the strongest we offer! Inflate balls to add instability that increases the efficacy of bodyweight workouts, or deflate to create stability for beginners. Balls retain supportive shape at every level thanks to thick wall construction. Tacky material helps athletes balance no matter the exercise, for more effective use of balls and better results.

Burst-resistant ball design. Balls are burst-resistant up to 1000 lb and feature a slow-deflate design that prevents popping for optimal safety. If punctured, holes stay contained to slowly leak air, giving athletes time to safely remove themselves from the deflating ball. Thick material walls stand up to commercial-level wear and tear to prevent weak points or rips from developing.

A full range of exercise ball sizes. 3 ball sizes—55, 65 and 75 cm—enable athletes of all sizes to perform a range of bodyweight exercises. Balls are color-coded for easy recognition, in either Classic or Club colors. Balls are an all-in-one solution for bodyweight training in gyms, clubs, rehabilitation centers, and other training facilities.

UltraFit Pro Stability Balls are available Individually in Classic Colors or Club Colors, or in 12-Ball Packs with storage and instruction.

  • Individual Classic Colors
    • 55 cm (22" dia), Green
    • 65 cm (26" dia), Blue
    • 75 cm (30" dia), Red
  • Individual Club Colors
    • 55 cm (22" dia), Light Gray
    • 65 cm (26" dia), Gray
    • 75 cm (30" dia), Black
  • 12-Ball Packs. Include 12 balls, Magnus ABS Rack, and UltraFit Stability Ball Training Charts.
    • 55 cm (22" dia), Green
    • 65 cm (26" dia), Blue
  • Multi-Size 12-Ball Packs. Include 12 balls (2 ea 45, 75 cm; 4 ea 55, 65 cm) in Classic Colors, Magnus ABS Rack, and UltraFit Stability Ball Training Charts.
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