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Laminar Balance Disc

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Multi-chambered design creates a more stable disc for gradual balance and core training.

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Laminar, meaning "not turbulent", refers to this balance disc's multiple chambers. This unique design restricts airflow more than a standard balance disc, creating less instability. In a single chamber disc, instability is enhanced as air moves quickly, making it more difficult for users, especially beginners, to utilize their purpose effectively. The design of Laminar allows users to have an unstable platform that isn't twitchy or mushy so they can focus on form and function vs. attempting to maintain a position on the disc.

Quickly vary the instability level by inflating or deflating the 15" dia disc; more air for less instability, less air for more instability. Laminar is great for balance training with beginners, but it is also beneficial for all users for gradual balance and core training. Use the Laminar for lower-body rehabilitation exercises too! 

A slight texture on both sides of the disc keeps feet from slipping off and the disc in place on the floor when in use. Choose the Laminar Balance Disc individually in Blue or in a Rainbow Set of 6 for group training. Each supports users up to 330 lb.