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BumperHammer Sledgehammer
ABsolute AbWheel
Sissy Squat Machine
Power Wheel
Double Ab Wheel
Ab Coaster CS1500 Abdominal Trainer
Bodyblade Vibrating Trainer
Ab Dolly Plus


VariRoll Glute/Ab Roller
Total Gym ELEVATE Core Trainer
X3S Sissy Squat Bench
GlutePro Floor GHD
CoreSolo Ab Trainer
Vari-Slings Ab Slings
CorePro Maces

CorePro Maces

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Create a solid base for fitness with core training equipment bought from Gopher Performance!

Functional core strength is the foundation for fitness, helping athletes foster power, strength, and stabilization. Work on core strength with the best core equipment from Gopher Performance for better balance and posture during any physical activity from daily tasks to rigorous athletic performance.

Ab rollers stabilize the core and upper body at the same time. Glute/ham developers work the posterior chain. Sledgehammers mimic real-life movements that strengthen the core, back, and arms. Specialized equipment like steel maces provides an asymmetrical load, strengthening stabilizer muscles as athletes accommodate the awkward object. Or, buy stationary equipment to set up core strength training for multiple athletes in your gym or facility.

Purchase core training equipment from Gopher Performance!