StairMaster HIITMill High-Intensity Treadmill

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The ultimate treadmill for building explosive power and aerobic capacity!

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  • Manual magnetic treadmill allows for speed, agility, lateral, and sled training in one robust, space-effective solution.
  • Unlike standard treadmills, the HiitMilll is self-propelled, so users' pace determines belt speed.
  • A fixed, 11% grade leverages gravity for an easier start-up. Simulates the acceleration-phase of sprinting
  • Multi-grip positioning allows comfortable positioning and added functionality: high grips provide stability for upright running; low grips simulate sled pushing.
  • Magnetic brake allows users to vary the belt resistance and simulate low sled pushes.
  • Extra-wide 23" treadmill belt provides added safety for high-intensity running and lateral drills.
  • Hiitmill X model includes farmer's carry lift arms and a cushioned turf belt for added durability and grip. Holds up to 100 lb in plates per side.
  • 11-gauge steel frame
  • 500 lb weight capacity.

Unprecedented versatility in a treadmill. The HiitMill combines the benefits of a high-speed manual treadmill, sled training, and hill training for incredible variety in one space-saving trainer. Because the trainer is self-propelled, it moves as fast as the user can run, unlike regular treadmills that max out at specific speeds. Use the magnetic resistance brake to dial up the intensity for resisted sprints, or max out the resistance and grip the low handles to simulate a sled push.

Extra-wide, 23" belt allows users to perform lateral speed and agility drills like carioca, side shuffles, and more. Hiitmill X offers even greater versatility by allowing users to outfit the farmer's carry arms with up to 100 lb in plates on each side for heavy carries!

While typical sled trainers usually require extensive space and a grass or turf surface, the HiitMill helps develop strength and acceleration benefits within a small footprint.