Schwinn® AC™ Sport Indoor Cycling Bike

Available with traditional chain-drive system or new Carbon Blue™ technology!

Enjoy the feel of an outdoor bike with two different models of the Schwinn® AC™ Sport Indoor Cycling Bike! Both models feature innovative construction and high adjustability, coupled with zinc-plated steel frames and a quiet magnetic resistance braking system. Taken together, these features result in a smooth, comfortable riding experience and an excellent workout. Use these bikes in your home, gym, or anywhere!

Both models of the Schwinn® AC™ Sport Indoor Cycling Bike are designed to couple comfort and high performance. Before getting started with your workout, use the bike’s micropin adjustment system to quickly and easily adjust the seat and handlebars to ensure that the bike provides the proper riding position for you. The bike’s seat and handlebars are equipped with infinite fore-aft adjustment capabilities to help with this fitting, so getting yourself in a comfortable and ergonomic position for steady riding has never been easier.

Once you’re seated, you can take hold of the Schwinn® AC™ Sport Indoor Cycling Bike’s revolutionary handlebars. These handlebars feature precise positioning and aero bar construction for added comfort. They also feature two integrated water bottle holders that put your water right where you need it and also an MP3 player shelf that can be used for entertainment or instruction.

Set up your workout with the bike’s optional MPower™ Console. This console provides ample, detailed information about your ride, such as your power, RPM, KCal, and heart rate (with strap, not included). It also breaks down information about your time, distance and power into both Stages and Total Time. You can also use a USB to save and capture your workout data for later analysis. With these tools, you can easily track your progress and keep yourself motivated!

Now slip your feet into the double-link pedals and start peddling. When you apply the brakes, you’ll feel the smooth braking that is a feature of the bike’s innovative Virtual Contact™ magnetic resistance brake system. This feature results in braking that’s not only smooth and effortless but also low maintenance, since the brakes don’t physically touch the wheel and thus don’t wear down.

The Carbon Blue™ and AC™ Sport models are similar in all these basics, but they differ in the area of the drive system. The Carbon Blue™ model features the innovative Carbon Blue™ Belt drive. This belt, which is made of polyurethane and wrapped around a durable carbon fiber core, has curved teeth and quality tension which make riding the Carbon Blue™ feel like you’re riding outside. This belt also wears extremely well, won’t stretch, and doesn’t need lubrication, so it’s virtually maintenance-free.

The AC™ Sport model features a traditional chain drive, which is easy to maintain. The AC™ Sport also features Smart Release™ technology, which allows this model to coast on-demand.

Both models are 48"L x 20"W x 48"H; 126 lb, with a weight capacity of 350 lb. They generally accommodate riders between 4’11” and 6’8” tall. Some assembly is required. The optional LCD MPower™ Echelon Console requires 2 C batteries (not included). Truck delivery.

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