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Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycling Bike
Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro

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Browse our large assortment of long-lasting cardio equipment to enhance cardio training in your facility!

Good cardio is part of the foundation of any great fitness program, from cross-training to Olympic lifting. Using resistance created by cardio machines, athletes can use their bodies to strengthen their hearts and lungs while melting calories and fat.

Whether shopping for elliptical machines, rowers, ski machines, steppers, or exercise bikes, Gopher Performance has the best equipment to meet or exceed the needs of your athletes. We offer low-profile, unflinchingly durable equipment that will last for years in any institutional environment.

Machines target specific muscle groups, like steppers for a low-impact lower-body routine, row machines to target the shoulders and upper back, or skiers for a killer full-body workout.

Buy cardio equipment from Gopher Performance!