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Warrior Training Ropes

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The perfect combination of strength and feel for the only training rope you'll ever need.

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  • Polypropylene rope material provides a smoother oscillation during waves and slams. Polypropylene won't become stiff like standard manila training ropes.
  • Booted ends enable a firm grip and eliminate fraying common with low quality battle ropes.
  • 2 thicknesses and 3 lengths enable ideal training across athletes of all sizes and strengths.
  • Training ropes are perfect for full-body workouts in gym facilities.

Numerous conditioning rope options. Warrior battle ropes are designed with all athletes in mind and come with several key variable options to ensure the best workout possible. It’s ideal to consider the right variables when teaching athletes how to use battle ropes as part of a robust training regimen:

  • Diameter: The larger the rope, the more grip strength will be taxed during exercises. 1 1/2" is the standard diameter for general use. 2" diameter ropes are befitting to advanced users, requiring more strength to manipulate.
  • Length: The longer the rope, the more force required to perform a given exercise. 30'L is ideal for beginners and smaller spaces. 40'L is a quality intermediate option with a range of training potential. 50'L is typically standard for most uses, but will be the most demanding of all length options.

Why use conditioning ropes? Conditioning ropes are easy to set up and use, regardless of athleticism or skill level. Simply wrap the rope evenly around any vertical standard narrower than the width of your body, mount on our wall anchor, or use in group training with one of our anchor stations. Training ropes are easy to get the hang of and don't require the same technical proficiency as other conditioning exercises to get a great workout.

Battle ropes provide a total body workout that’s inclusive of all major muscle groups. Full-body movements like jump-slams, rope pulling, and lunge slams are a great method for improving lower-body strength and stamina, while also improving shoulder strength and core stability. Nearly infinite routines and movements make training ropes ideal for achieving a balanced workout.

Warrior Training Ropes are available individually in 2 thicknesses in 3 lengths or in Rope Sets in 2 sizes.

  • 1½" dia Individual Ropes
    • 30’L, 15½ lb
    • 40’L, 19 lb
    • 50’L, 23½ lb
  • 2" dia Individual Ropes
    • 30’L, 22 lb
    • 40’L, 29½ lb
    • 50’L, 34½ lb
  • Rope Sets. Include 1 rope, wall anchor, and rope holder.
    • 1½" dia (30’L, 40’L, or 50’L)
    • 2" dia (30’L, 40’L, or 50’L)
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