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Warrior Apprentice Training Ropes

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Our same high quality training ropes with a 1" diameter that's great for beginners.

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  • Polypropylene material doesn't fray and provides a smoother oscillation during waves and slams.
  • Used for conditioning rope exercises. Low-impact workouts build grip, shoulder, and core strength, while boosting cardio levels.
  • Polypropylene outlasts traditional manila and nylon ropes that might shed or fray quickly. It’s also much softer on hands and easier on wrists.
  • Available individually or in sets, in 30’ and 50’L options.

An ideal way to start rope training. 1" diameter ropes are easy to hang on to during long reps, making training ropes an exceptional choice for beginners. Available in the same length as standard conditioning ropes, users experience movements and exercises the same way they would with a larger rope, without the additional heft. Lightweight construction and silky texture encourage better flexibility, for easier oscillating and handling during battle rope exercises. Booted ends eliminate fraying.

Two lengths, to optimize rope training potential. Battle ropes are offered individually or in sets with a rope anchor and wall holder. Two lengths are available: 30’L is optimal for beginner athletes, requiring less energy to generate waves; 50’L is ideal for higher fitness levels, with more slack in the rope that makes it harder to create waves and keep them moving.

Warrior Apprentice Training Ropes are available individually or in sets, in 2 sizes.

Individual Ropes

  • 30’L, 8 lb
  • 50’L, 13 lb

Rope Sets. Include 1 rope, wall anchor, and rope holder.

  • 30’L
  • 50’L
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