ClassPlus Warrior Conditioning Rope Pack


Everything you need to easily create a training rope circuit for your class or team.

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Easily integrate battle rope workout routines into fitness classes. Pack enables fitness instructors to train up to 10 users at once, teaching proper fitness with a conditioning rope.

At the center of it all, the HQ anchor station is heavy enough to not require additional weighting, and easily rolls away for storage.

Training rope exercise circuits included. Instructional boards and SmartHolder cones enable instructors to help athletes move throughout training circuits, from movement to movement. Bright, vibrant cards are easy to see and are accompanied by a smaller set of matching cards so the instructor can easily reference them. 16 total exercises are included for a full-body workout. Users will benefit from a never-ending variety of waves, slams, chops, and spirals, to build strength and stability in the shoulder girdle, core, and lower body. Battle rope workout routines are great for general conditioning, balance, and coordination.

Self-contained storage for easy setup and cleanup. All 10 ropes, the anchor station, and station boards/cards store conveniently on a moving cart that can be quickly relocated from storage to workout areas. Carts also keep everything off of the floor and safely contained so components aren’t misplaced or damaged while in storage.

Pack includes:

  • 1-1/2" dia Warrior Training Ropes, Set of 10
  • HQ Anchor Station, 1 Ea
  • Recoil Mobile Rack, 1 Ea
  • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones, Set of 12
  • Station Boards/Cards

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