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AssessPro Rep-Addition Push-Up Tester

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The most accurate and safest push-up tester.

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  • Accurately counts push-up reps with the touch of the user's chest to the monitor.
  • Features audible feedback when users successfully perform each rep.
  • Hand pads and fully-adjustable center monitor allow coaches and trainers to ensure athletes are using proper form, regardless of height or skill level.
  • Made of highly-durable, pliable TPR rubber, textured footpad ensures testers stay in place during use.
  • Comes with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee as all Gopher products.

The only audible push-up tester. Each time an athlete reaches the lowest point in their push-up and touches their chest to the tester, it emits an audible confirmation of the rep. This enables trainees to stay focused on form and support, without second-guessing rep counts. Confirmation cues also push athletes to perform a full and complete push-up, instead of coming up short or compromising on form.

Safe for commercial training. Made with TPR rubber, this patented push-up tester is pliable and safe to the touch. A lack of plastic or metal components ensures users aren’t risking anything as they push themselves to fatigue. Chest touches are also more comfortable on TPR as opposed to plastic. Rubber won’t slip or move, keeping athletes in place at all times and mitigating the chance of slippage.

An easy approach to push-up training. Push-up testers are great for circuit training and interval workouts. Tester can easily be set up within a training area and programmed to integrate seamlessly into a specific regimen. LCD screen makes it easy to read reps and time. A great addition to clubs and gyms focused on HIIT training and similar fast-paced, variable exercises.

Adjust the console's height from 3-3/4" to 4-3/4"H for a proper fit.