FITstep™ Pro Uploadable Pedometers

The next generation in PE pedometers is here!

Upload and analyze an entire class's data in just seconds! Simply open the pedometer, set into the data reader's dock, press down, and in less than 2 seconds the data automatically uploads. Specifically designed for PE, the software allows for quick and easy printable analysis, class tracking, and organization. As with the FITstep™ Plus, improved digitally-precise step counting gives a more accurate step count, even if the pedometer is not perfectly upright. Also features a large, easy-to-read graph that continually displays MVPA. Convenient indicator light informs users of low battery to ensure proper uploading. Calibrates steps per minute (SPM) from 80 to 160. Order individually or in packs that include 15, 30, or 100 pedometers, security straps, and storage cases. Each 15 and 30 pack includes 1 data reader and software; 100 packs include 2.

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Data Reader

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