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Optic Strapless Heart Rate System


Strapless heart rate monitors keep multiple users in their optimal heart rate zone, in real time!

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  • Takes heart rate information from up to 24 users and enables coaches and trainers to project the entire group's heart rates on a screen using accompanying Optic App.
  • Comfortable, sweat resistant wrist monitors are incredibly comfortable and easy to use.
  • Monitors provide visual feedback on a screen, so users can adjust effort to keep their heart rate in a given zone.
  • Real-time display showcases beats per minute (BPM), calories burned, and a graph of time in the target heart rate zone.

Heart monitoring for the whole group. The easiest group heart rate monitoring system on the market is powered by patented, clinically-accurate electro-optical monitoring technology from Mio, a trusted brand in heart rate monitoring. Monitors track athletes’ heart rates and enable coaches to perform real-time assessments, for maximized training potential and results.

Each monitor within your group can be paired and synced to an iPad through the HUB via ANT+ technology, for real-time results. HUB can relay data for up to 100 heart rate monitors simultaneously. Athletes must be within 30’ outdoors or 50’ indoors to transmit data. Great for fitness classes, spin classes, group workouts, and more.

No chest strap required for heart rate monitoring. No need for a chest strap means users can quickly slap on the wristband and get right into their workout, without spending time adjusting or configuring. Comfortable silicone band is moisture-resistant and easily adjusts from 5.9" to 8.2". Each strapless heart monitor uses an electro-optical cell to sense the volume of blood under the skin, calculating the user’s heart rate. Lights on the band flash colors during activity to indicate levels of vigor: green for light, yellow for moderate, and red for vigorous.

Battery indicator lights shows the level of charge. Connect the heart rate monitor to a magnetic cable w/USB charger. Charges last between 6-8 hours.

Real-time heart rate reporting. Monitors instantly collect and analyze data, to provide real-time feedback for trainees. Customizable display highlights beats per minute (BPM), calories burned, and graph of time in target zones.

Auto-generated reports for participants can also be created and sent to a Dropbox account via the accompanying app. Each analysis displays the following data:

  • Participant’s name
  • Date
  • Start time and duration of activity
  • Average/Maximum/Minimum heart rate
  • Calories burned
  • A chart displaying the percentage of time spent in each heart rate zone
  • A real-time graph displaying activity and heart rate zones

AssessTech Group Fitness App is compatible with iPad and iPad mini (2nd generation and beyond) running OS 7.1 or later. Optic monitors also connect to most handheld devices via Bluetooth and ANT+ to link data with other fitness apps.

Optic Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Systems are available in packs or individually. HUB also sold separately.

Gopher Optic PowerPlus Pack includes:

  • Gopher Optic Monitors, 24 ea
  • HUB with AccessTech, 1 ea
  • iPad Air, 1 ea
  • 10-Port USB Chargers, 2 ea
  • Gopher Teachnique Heart Rate Banner, 1 ea
  • Resource Books, 2 ea
  • PowerPlus Storage Case, 1 ea

Gopher Optic Packs. Include monitors, HUB with AssessTech, USB charges, and a case with laser-cut foam.

  • 6-User Pack
  • 12-User Pack
  • 24-User Pack
  • Individual Components
    • Individual Monitor
    • HUB with App