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Dashr Timing Systems

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Better agility training is just a dash away with these intuitive wireless timing gates!

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User-friendly hardware makes for quick, effortless setup whether your sports program is big or small. Athletes can quickly jump into agility training and generate useful performance data with professional-level accuracy. This unveils a performance baseline to evaluate against for honest, no-excuses improvement toward their full potential.

State-of-the-art wireless technology allows for full customization of timing options via the free Dashr mobile app (requires Android- or iOS-compatible device). Connect to timing gates via Bluetooth to switch from running laps and shuttle runs to flying starts and custom events. All gates are identical, wireless, and modular, so coaches can mix and match kits for the perfect training solution with the app in hand. This also gives your program room to evolve, no matter its size or budget. System is motion-activated. User starts with body breaking the laser-field. Timer begins when user starts and the first laser is no longer broken by the user's body.

Choose the Dash Pack (2 gates), Multi-Event Pack (3 gates), or Elite Pack (4 gates) depending on the number of gates desired. All components store in a custom case to keep packs organized and easy to transport around your facility and between events. The React Pack is an add-on to any existing Dashr timing system, allowing users to perform a variety of agility drills. Includes 2 LED modules that illuminate when triggered by a flashing light.

Pack Options

  • Dash Pack. Includes 2 Timing Gates (2 Tripods, 2 Mini Tripods, 2 Laser Modules & Reflectors) to record 1 time.
  • Multi-Event Pack. Includes 3 Timing Gates (4 Tripods, 2 Mini Tripods, 3 Laser Modules & Reflectors) to record 2 times.
  • Elite Pack. Includes 4 Timing Gates (6 Tripods, 2 Mini Tripods, 4 Laser Modules & Reflectors) to record 3 times.
  • React Pack. Includes 2 LED modules. Requires existing Dashr timing system for use.