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BroadPro Jump Mat
Pulse Oximeter
Tape Measure

Tape Measure

Flex-Solo Flexibility Testers
Gopher Ignition Interval Timer
Gopher Ignition Pro Interval Timer
Polar Ignite Heart Rate Monitors
Polar E-Unite Heart Rate Monitors
Polar Unite Heart Rate Monitors
Health o Meter Physician Scale
Insta-Pulse Pulse Monitor
UltraFlex Testers

UltraFlex Testers

AssessPro Curl-Up Mats
Heart Rate Charts
Ignition Charge Interval Timers
HexTest Mat
Contact Heart Rate Monitors
Optic Plus Heart Rate Monitor
Dashr Timing Systems

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Take the guesswork out of fitness assessment with testing equipment bought from Gopher Performance.

Quickly and easily assess the fitness levels of any athlete with top-notch fitness assessment equipment form Gopher Performance. Coaches will enjoy effortless setup of this intuitive gear so their athletes can get right back to training hard.

Test athletes’ fitness abilities with straightforward fitness testing tools like push-up testers, timers, and curl-up testers. Reps are logged with unmatched precision and no ambiguity, making Gopher Performance testing equipment the best for advanced athletes in any high school or gym.

Our advanced selection of heart rate monitors tracks in-depth performance data, motivating athletes to stay active session after session, while coaches can leverage this information to create personalized training regimens for the most efficient gains.

Or shop our high-tech scales and body composition devices for a comprehensive picture of athlete health. Use them to track weight, BMI, and body fat percentage, then optimize training plans to keep every athlete in top condition.

Buy convenient assessment resources at Gopher Performance!