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  • Perfect for training the power lifts. This 45lb bar is our best powerlifting bar, designed for heavy deadlifts and other pulling exercises. Constructed with 190k tensile strength steel, this bar offers outstanding rigidity that eliminates unwanted whip during deadlifts, squats, and other exercises. 28.5mm shaft diameter affords powerlifters the thickness and stability they need during heavy squats and bench presses.

    Designed for controlled lifts. Our best powerlifting bar is made with snap ring construction and tighter sleeve tolerances than other bars. This ensures the bar sleeve won't come loose over time and guarantees a high level of performance at all times. Bronze bushings allow sleeves to rotate freely, giving lifters control and preventing unwanted changes in momentum during heavy squats or presses.

    Features a center knurl for enhanced contact during squats. The ends of the bar also carries our SawTooth™ knurling—the deepest knurl gauge in a powerlifting bar, for unparalleled grip and control. Even with sweaty hands, a zinc-coating makes the bar corrosion resistant without diminishing the knurl gauge.

    • Steel tensile strength: 190k
    • Bar Weight: 20 kg
    • Bar Diameter:28.5 mm
    • Bar Length: 86.5"L
    • Loadable Sleeve Area: 16.5"L
    • Knurling: Aggressive SawTooth™ knurling
    • Center knurl: Yes
    • Knurl Marks: Olympic and powerlifting
    • Whip: Medium
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